1. Why so many WEIRD vegetables?

We grow what we love to cook and eat. We love variety and surprise and trying new things. We also love kale (we can’t help it!). Every season we plan to provide as much choice as we can, but inevitably things are ready at different times than we expect, so there is not always an alternative to your least favored veggie.

2. Why so many greens in the share? Or why too few?

The CSA feeds a community with diverse preferences, tastes, and needs. It is impossible to feed everyone perfectly. Greens are also the quickest crop to grow, and we believe, really important nutritionally. You will find a high ratio of greens especially in early spring, because there hasn’t been enough light & time to grow roots & fruits yet.

3. Why so few tomatoes last season?

We plan extensively and rigorously for each season. We plan to be bountiful and diverse in our production (especially of tomatoes). The nature of things though, is that disappointments, mistakes, and happy surprises occur, and we will experience these alongside our our loyal customers and eaters.

Last year our tomato crop was stunted in the greenhouse by excess moisture that caused root rot. We didn’t know about this until after we transplanted into the field. By then, we planted another crop, but they did not reach maturation in time to produce fruit.

We are working to be more transparent about our failures, admitting that nature outdid us, and we’re still learning.

4. Why so much eggplant last season?

In India, the eggplant is known as the “king of all vegetables!” No but really: last year, we had a particularly excellent crop, so we shared it. You are never obligated to take something if you know you won’t eat it! Lots of hot sunny days of direct light makes an awesome eggplant crop, and we lucked out (or lost out, depending on how you see it).

5. I really hate celeriac. What do I do?

We have tried to implement the SWAP BOX on occasion and will try to continue this policy. Look for a box at the end of the line where you can swap veggies with other members. Feel free to ask members around you if they would like to negotiate a trade! There is no shame in leaving something behind. Or gifting to a neighbor! We cannot customize your share.

6. Why is there dirt on my food?

We implement a triple wash system for greens, and we carefully rinse all vegetables. We still ask that you wash your produce that you bring home. It might need more attention than you are accustomed to. Dirt is what we all are made of anyway, right?

7. This is hard. I have too much leftover and I’m stressed. What do I do?

It’s okay! There is a learning curve to CSA! Take a deep breath, and don’t fret the waste–it’s negligible in the grand food system scheme. Keep cookin’.

The key is to learn a few simple recipes that you like and be willing to branch out. Wash and break down veggies right when you get home and make a quick game plan: salads toward the beginning of the week, stir-frys toward the end. Any vegetable can find its way into a taco or a pizza; stir-frying with garlic and oil is an easy answer to every veggie. Take your time, and find what works for your family.

Check out our Recipe Guide to search for recipes by ingredient.

8. Why the limited pickup times?

(Tuesdays at Green Wagon Farm, 3:30-6pm & Wednesdays at Fulton St. Market, 4-6:30pm)

At Green Wagon Farm we produce, process, and market everything ourselves: every weekday we farm; four evenings a week we deliver/provide our products to restaurants or members at CSA pickup; and Saturdays we go to the farmers market. We have two blocks of time each week for our members to pick up their shares, and we promise to have your vegetables fresh & ready for pick up at these times! We simply do not have the capacity to make alternate arrangements at this time.

Th plus side: we manage our distribution ourselves so that you receive your produce at the peak of freshness and directly from us, your farmers.

Please let us know the week in advance if you’d like to switch from Tuesday to a Wednesday pickup or from Wednesday to a Tuesday, and please keep switches to a max of 3 times per season. Otherwise, arrange a backup plan (& maybe a backup plan for your backup plan) to help you out if you may not be able to make the pickup on any given day. Set an alarm now via email or phone to ensure the weekly pickup does not slip you or your partner’s mind. Missing shares is one of the most noted disappointments of the CSA–don’t let it be yours!

9. Why is there different produce available at market than CSA pickup?

Having three different outlets for our produce means that all our veggies find a home in their differing abundances and differing times they are ready in the field. Restaurants, market-shoppers, and CSA members receive different vegetables or varieties for various reasons. We try our best to create a great experience for our everyone, but sometimes we save special crops per the request of market-shoppers or plant special crops only for Summer CSA members. Other times, we don’t have enough for all the Summer CSA members, so we bring to a product to market instead. We always make sure our weekday CSA members receive more than market-value for each share.

The CSA model was once such that community members received in whole all that the farm was able to grow. Today, the CSA is only one of three ways we sell our products, but it extremely important to us, and we are always looking for ways to improve the program and involve and satisfy our members.

Our newsletter caters mainly to our weekday pickup folks. The items listed are not a reflection of Saturday market produce.