1. Why the new system?

We have been scouring your surveys each year and making notes of the quantities and vegetables you prefer, and we believe that this new system will meet your needs in their complex variety, allowing you to choose the season length, share size, and pickup frequency that works for you. We hope it gives you more clarity and more of your favorite veggies.

2. I liked the old system: can you choose my share for me?

Yes! If you like the CSA classics, and you’re looking for a balanced mix of standards and uncommon veggies, we will have a “Farmers Choice List” posted at pickup each week. If you’ve had a long day, and don’t want to be faced with yet another decision: we’ve got you covered. Check out the “Regular” CSA options to find your pickup from 2017.

3. What if my favorite vegetable is gone before I get to pickup?

This might happen, and we know it’s a bummer. In the past, however, you might have been forced to opt for beets when carrots ran out (for example), but now you have your pick from at least 13 other items. We will do our best to read your mind, and we will get better at this over time.

4. Why is there dirt on my food?

We implement a triple wash system for greens, and we carefully rinse all vegetables. We still ask that you wash your produce that you bring home. It might need more attention than you are accustomed to. Dirt is what we all are made of anyway, right?

5. Why the limited pickup times?

Tuesdays at Green Wagon Farm, 3:30-6pm
Wednesdays at Fulton St. Market, 4-6:30pm

At Green Wagon Farm we produce, process, and market everything ourselves: every weekday we farm; four evenings a week we deliver our products to restaurants or CSA pickup; and Saturdays we go to the farmers market. We have two blocks of time each week for our members to pick up their shares, and we promise to have your vegetables fresh & ready for pickup then! We simply do not have the capacity to make alternate arrangements at this time.

The plus side: we manage our distribution ourselves so that you receive your produce at the peak of freshness and directly from us, your farmers.

6. Can you make arrangements for missed pickups and vacations?

We cannot. With all of the options available, it is to difficult to make individual exceptions throughout the season. If you foresee scheduling conflicts, please consider purchasing a Market Card, which grants you access to discounted veggies at either of our pickups and at market but does not confine you to a schedule. Otherwise, feel free to have a friend or family member pick up in your place.

7. Why is there different produce available at market than CSA pickup?

Having three different outlets for our produce means that all our veggies find a home in their differing abundances and differing times they are ready in the field. Restaurants, market-shoppers, and CSA members receive different vegetables or varieties for various reasons. We try our best to create a great experience for our everyone, but sometimes we save special crops per the request of market-shoppers or plant special crops only for Summer CSA members. Other times, we don’t have enough for all the Summer CSA members, so we bring to a product to market instead. We always make sure our weekday CSA members receive more than market-value for each share.

The CSA model was once such that community members received in whole all that the farm was able to grow. Today, the CSA is only one of three ways we sell our products, but it is still extremely important to us, and we are always looking for ways to improve the program and involve and satisfy our members.

Our newsletter caters mainly to CSA pickup folks, not Market Cardholders. The items listed are not a reflection of produce that can be found at Saturday market.