Creative Services

leahAt Green Wagon Farm, Leah Sienkowski coordinate events, designs media, and authors the Green Wagon’s website. Her work aims to elevate physical labor and promote artisan products, communicating the true costs and values of production, with the hope of bolstering the economic viability of small-scale agriculture.

Her interest in farming began in college when she grew dismayed over the way mainstream education forsook the teaching of the body: physical labor, handcrafts, and basic human survival. In attempts to supplement her academic education, she worked as an apprentice on a vegetable farm in southwest Michigan and has had her hands in agriculture ever since. She graduated from college in 2013 with a B.A. in biology, a minor in writing, and a passion for working the land and telling its stories.

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Leah’s vocation lies somewhere between advocating for farmers and working as one, and she is grateful for the opportunity to practice her craft at Green Wagon. 2018 marks her sixth growing season with the farm.

Feel free to contact her about her freelance goats or freelance writing, here.